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Are you a leader who wants your program to be great, but no matter what you do, things are difficult?  IMG_0256

 If you look at the picture at the top of the page and see yourself there, you need to keep reading.  If you’re overwhelmed by everything and you can’t see a way out, keep reading!

I was this kind of director once until I began to discover the strategies that could make a difference.  Follow along with me as I share these strategies and guide you along the path to create greatness.   There are several steps you can take to creative Greatness:

1. If you’re constantly putting out fires in your workplace & the goals you’ve set for your program to attain always take a back seat to fires created by your staff, look at some of Juanita’s ideas below for things to do. 

2.  Are you facing problems that seem impossible to solve?  Do you have dreams for your program that staff do not care about?  Do you know things your program needs to work on, but experience stress when you try to get staff to follow you?  If so, you are stressed beyond belief!  If you need help with these issues, you’ve come to the right place.  Follow along below to see some of the strategies Juanita has for you.

3.  Instead of constantly putting out fires, decide one goal you want to focus on.  When a fire comes up, use your goal to calm the fire.  For example, someone tells you they are sick of working with a certain child.  Since one of your goals is to help staff see how to meet the needs of young children, ask this staff something like, “It seems like that child did something that upset you.”   When you do this, most likely the teacher will tell you what happened, and you can help them figure out things to do to address the situation.  Then they will ways to respond to and help the child.  Then you will be able to help them brainstorm other ways to respond to this child.

4.   Do you dread supervising your staff because they create so many problems?  When you need to supervise staff because they are on their phone instead of being with children, ask staff what they have been learning about children during their day.  This will help them focus on what they need to do for the children.

4.  When you want staff to focus on your goals for the program, ask them what they think teachers need to be working on to make their program great.  This pulls staff into the planning process and helps them know you value their ideas.

5.  When things seem harder than you ever thought possible, schedule a free 30 minute consultation with Juanita.  She will help you see what things you need to work on and give you ideas for how to begin making your program great.

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 Juanita helps programs focus on what they need to do to make their programs strong.  She will focus on the problems staff are causing you and plan ways to value them and create a team with them that wants to solve problems.

The logo for my business is “Essentials for Greatness.”   My job is to help you create a great program.  You will be in the business of transforming your program and envisioning the dreams of your organization.   When you decide to transform your program, you will  discover how to create greatness. Butterfly 2

Are you ready to transform your leadership?   Are you ready to create a team that creates a vision for greatness?  Are you ready tIdeas + Action = Changeo transform your practices to get results that last a lifetime?       

You will answer questions like these about your leadership and dream about the things you would like to change.  This is what this website is about.  As you answer the questions on the transformation page, you will begin to know where you have to start your journey.

As you discover the essentials for great programs that you’d like to work on or change, Juanita will be available to help you  analyze where you are and help you develop the skills you will need to make the changes you dream about.  Follow this link to find out how to create greatness. 


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